Red Grapefruit

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    Natural Taste, Rich Mouth Feel

    Key Features

    Grapefruit juice though bitter and astringent offers health benefits. The bitterness and astringency of grapefruit juice also make a rich taste.

    Lucky Tree Grapefruit contains plenty of pulps which upgrade the taste when diluted as juice drink. It is greatly popular to blend with green tea or other teas and has become one of the essential ingredients for fruit
    tea drinks. If blending with apple juice, lemon juice, yogurt drinks or fresh fruit slices, you will find it so fresh and delicious

    Packing : 2.5kg/bottle, 6 bottles/carton
    Shelf life: 9 months
    Storage : at ambient (below 25℃). Avoid sunlight and it’s recommended to keep refrigerated after opening.
    Usage   : Mix 1 volume with 6 volumes water / ice cubes and stir to serve.  The ratio can be adjusted to suit individual taste preferences.

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